Welcome to the Tanzania Animal Feed Manufacturers Association

The Tanzania Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (TAFMA) was founded in the mid 1990s. Following changes from state-owned economy to privatization, a number of private feed mills were established and most of them being small ones, mainly focusing on poultry feed.

Challenges such as high mortality rate during rearing, poor feed quality, poor growth rate, poor feed conversion ratio (FCR), feed wastage, housing and lack of other technical information were all facing the industry.

The Tanzania Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (TAFMA) was adopted by members on 30 January 1990 in Dar es Salaam and registered under the Societies registration Rules, 1954 (Societies Ordinance, 1954) on 8 June 1990 by the Ministry of Home Affairs. On 20 June 2013 TAFMA members at Blue Pearl Hotel (Dar es Salaam) discussed the need to revive the Association to be more active. This was followed by a TAFMA meeting of 20 March 2014 where the new Executive Committee was elected.

TAFMA provides a common forum for all animal feed manufacturers in Tanzania. 


To provide a common forum for all animal feed manufacturers in Tanzania.

To liaise with the established government machinery on all issues pertaining to the manufacturer of animal feed in the country, i.e.
a) Provision of various raw materials  
b) Marketing of the Association's products

To provide the link between the Association and Livestock keepers.

To ensure that all members of the Association's products gradually conform to the standards required.

To establish links and contacts with other interested institutions (local and foreign) in the development of livestock in Tanzania.

To act as guaranters to its members whenever need arises.

To advise, inform or guide its members of new developments in the animal feed industry as to keep them abreast of the changes in other countries.